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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Boring Girl is Boring

#Nowreading Chapter 4 : Medical Alternative
30 minutes after.
One word: BORING.
So, in the end, am called McD and delivered me Spicy Chicken Mc Deluxe (set) for lunch. Lunch is it? Or late lunch? hehe :D Im so hungry.  
30 minutes after.
After had lunch, that Im so full I cant really focus reading my notes , well this subject is super boringggggggg. Cc guys what am I doing below ;) VAIN me is it?

Last but not least I should REALLY start studying haih its a boring Saturday as usual. 

Byebye. *study


eija_sweetmama said...

Nasib baik ada delivery Mc'D ..hehee

ADEEYA said...

MamaZaQuaN: Hehe tu lahh kebuluran and cuaca kat luar so hot even though dah pukul 5PM, so delivery je lah ehehe

bobok said...

hidup aku seperti nya 24jam kebosanan

Cynful Pleasure said...

how nice if we can chew on those notes right? each time during my studies, I wished I can just swallow all the notes, and 'vomit' them during test / exam.. gambateh!

Unknown said...

cutenya posing lepas makan..hehe..

peliknya kat area rumah kami mcd tak sampai 10 minit..tapi takde delivery ke rumah kami..jahatt!!

Asmara said...

Good luck dear! :p

Mama Gee said...

heheeh jgn boring2....camne pun kena gak study subjek tu kan..pi study kt taman ke...sambil study sambil tgk org...ehehehe..

err takut sampai ke sudah asek tgk org..tak gak study2...hehehe

mamaarifakeemaisy said...

hehe..boring2 pun kena gk study kan..mmg boring.. =P

tiefazatie said...


Myra Jay said...

Hheeeee-Okla tu Mekdi sebagai peneman dikala BORING study :)