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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The best feeling? :)

1. When you eated only 150cal in whole day! :) *that was when my diet starts AGAIN!

2. When I be skinny *hmhh just not today 

3. When bad hair day gone away 

4. When HE gave me this *long timeee

5. When I think POSITIVE *some times 

6. When I have a veryy big dreams *girlsssss

7. When someone gave me books

8.When I be smart *smirking

9. Everytime I eat this :D *IM FATTTT


Anonymous said...


Mama Gee said...

semua yg di atas tu mama suke...cuba kena ganti muka cik abg yg last tu dgn gambo mr b mama lah...hehe

ADEEYA said...

MamaGEE heheehe :D mesti lahhh hihi :)

tiefazatie said...

comel!adui la..hee