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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Should I run way ?

I like someone dont tell me fuck….

Hm, Im not really in a good mood. I couldnt describe how I feel right now. Everyone keep talking about my past, my 'old time' friends especially. So I decided to spill it out here. By writing it down. Yes! I am absolutely stubborn.  Im rude sometimes. Im temperamental nowadays. Im spoil brat. And I am rebellious in every way. I want to go out, spend my time outside, hanging around, going for a holidays with friends but my parent they dont really give me freedom. They think it a high risk, yknow. I dont really know why but basically thats what people said to me because my mom love so shes worried something bad happen to me. Thats what people said. 

So I did enjoyed my teen-hoods. I went out with group of friends, socializing around, and etc without them knowing it. I know it sounds fun but only at the beginning. After that, Im getting bored. Theres too many things happen. Shit happens which made me realized thats not what I want. Id overjoyed. And alhamdulillah Ive change to someone better well at least I hv start to pray to Allah back and leave my social life behind. 

But still its hard to get trust from mama back. Hm, and I still cant handle my rebellious attitude, my rudeness and temperamental *sighs Im not asking much. I just wanna go somewhere I can release everything. Somewhere I can go alone *yes alone. Somewhere I can take many pictures. And mama still not letting me go which stressing me out. :( hm I dont know what to do. Im confused. Should I run way ? 


syiraaaaaaaa said...
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syiraaaaaaaa said...

no, you shouldnot run away . it will become worst . maybe ade sebab kenapa parents u xbg freedom . they knew better on everything . anak perempuan ni mmg parents akan jage lebih erat, ketat nak compare gn anak lelaki . i know, i'm no one here . but i said based on my experienced . for me , u better dont make any silly things . at a time, you parents will let u free bila mase tuh parents u rase u dah boleh jage diri sendirik much more . maaf kalau terase atau saya menyebok . tp ni bg pandangan sy . sbb sy mase zaman sekolah dulu sy dah pernah lari rumah ape semua . tp keadaan makin terok . salam .